Still Trying to Crack the Math Nut

  On his progress report, Max has made no progress in "life skills math."  
  i'm sure he needs to take his time to count change.  After all this time, ID'ing counting coins is boring.  He doesn't seem to see a purpose for counting change in the store, much less paper coins for a worksheet, and, at 22, it's "been there, done that."
  The dice game, we can't do longer than 5-10 minutes, but the concepts fascinate him.  Until he's overloaded.

Not Good at Math

  Max sure does like those dice games.  More, he likes putting small numbers first, something i'm sure they don't do in class. 

Reading List: Different Genres, Same Characters

  For a couple weeks now i've been trying to write about these in terms of the Saturday Sisters series, but what i want to say isn't fitting that format.  Maybe some other time.  Meanwhile. . . .

Where Does Handwriting Fit?

  My own handwriting is extremely variable.  Being a lefty, i've never received good instruction, though countless classroom hours were devoted to my penmanship.  Any good skills i have came from my study of calligraphy (First lesson:  "You're lefthanded?  Here's the book; you can translate what I tell the others." )

New Game in Town

   Max has insisted on a break from gameplaying lately.  But this past week he's been willing to play again, and we introduced this new game.

Wordless Wednesday - Balance Beam

Balance Beam - Incentive and Learning On Its Own
You can't actually see the low balance beam here.  i take Max to a tutor during the timeslot his speech therapist had, while the therapist is snowbirding.  Miss Tutor teaches in her small apartment, then after about five minutes of success, Max gets to walk the balance beam.  Sometimes she will incorporate the lesson into the bb walk: "Max, can count backwards while you walk?"
i should say this is a pattern, not a one time thing; the lesson goes on for an hour.

How Do You Do It? - Art and Communication

  This is a very simple landscape.
  If you are not an artist, you may find that hard to believe. But it's simple enough for a TV artist to portray in a half hour.
  The scene could be anywhere, anywhen  in the world.  It happens

Every Age and No Age: Max's Christmas

December, 1998. Max did not want to grow past this point!
  Before we get too far from Chritsmas, you might want to know about one special young man and his holiday.