Color Wheel: Art With Max?

  Max can watch me do art all day. 
   Earlier this week i received ths  free color wheel download from a blog i subscribe to & remembered i wanted to share these with you.
  i've been tryng

Wordless Wednesday: On the Road

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.
            --Ralph Waldo Emerson

There's a Reason. . .

MyGuy tells me to not briiing food & drink to the computer table.
ii  am a disobedient, not subservient, wife.   i do it anyway.
And sometimes there's an acccccciiident.  Like a week ago Sunday with the 12 oz of oorange juce.
Of course, anyone can have an accident.

Taking the Bus to Speech - NOT!

The bus is an everyday part of the lives of many disabled individuals.  MyGuy and i are lifelong suburbanites, living in  a city which virtually abandoned non-automobile transportation sometime in our childhoods.
  Public transportation was  not in view when we we chose our home.

Past Experience

  Not that we had NO experience with public transport.  Once i

July 4 Past

 Remember message boards? When i first started scrapbooking, i participated in one, and i loved the way another participant, a military wife, expressed her feelings about the 4th. 

Sign of the Times: Money, Counterfeiting, & a Joke

 In the store today i watched the cashier inspect a $20 for signs of counterfeiting.
  She looked about my age, so, when it was my turn,  i commented how, normally, life seems about the same as when we were young, but sometimes something like this brings it home that it's very different now.

Wordless Wednesday: That Beach at Kapa'a

Kapa'a simply means "water border.' You find the name in various places throughout the islands.  This one is a county park at the north end of the Big Island.  On a good day you can see Maui in the distance.  i've never been able to figure out if this was one of those days, or if this was even the right position.