Misleading Title: A Must-Read for Aspiring Artists

  The title is, Abstract Painting: A Practical Approach, by Hennie Reimer.  The emphasis is on "practical."

 Misleading Title

  Actually the title is a little misleading.  The book is less about how to make abstract art as a hamburger sandwich with all the fixin's is about the hamburger.
  Professor Reimer takes her readers through the processes of making and viewing art.  While she begins with origins, both primitive and her own, she also leads her readers through the basics of any art instruction ("Fun Projects").  One reviewer claimed it's "very thin" for anyone acquainted with the basics of making art.
 i have had little formal instruction but a great deal of experience, including theory.   i found the parts about the basics quite enjoyable. 
  Iif you do not, they can be quicklly skimmed.

The Book's True Audience

are probably the people i meet in nearly every art conversation i have.  These  are people who:
  • want to create but feel incompetent to do so.
  • have been told by art instructors that they will never be able to be an artist.  (What are these "teachers" thinking anyway?  That the field is so limited in prospects that anyone who can be discouraged should be discouraged?)
  i am well acquainted with the feeling that not every piece attempted is a masterpiece, or even a keeper, but still enjoyed reading Professor Reimer's walk through creating her own pieces.
  And how well i identify with being driven to create, despite punishment for using the wrong surface!

  Disclaimer:  While i may someday purchase a copy of this, especially as a gift, the copy i read was from the Indianapolis Library.  
Support your local library!

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