Photo and Drawing

 Since i usually work, like a decorative painter, from another artist's drawing, i'm not free to share my work here.  However, this time, i'm drawing from a photo.  i didn't take this photo, but it's in my collection, taken by someone in my family, probably my deceased mom, of her dog, so i feel comfortable in claiming this image.
  Last fall, i dashed off this drawing, hoping
to sell it for a dollar at the craft fair.  It didn't sell.

 If someone had bought it, they would have received something reasonable for their expense, but there is so much more to be done to call this finished.    Awhile back i got it out, intending to do more.
   Today i got it out again.  Here it is after about 20 minutes' more work.
  Colored pencil work is about adding LOTS of light-handed, transparent layers.  This is not anywhere near finished yet.

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