Slice of Life

  In FavoriteBigBoxStore tonight, we had a Communication Incident.
  It may not have been that big a deal, and i'm sure i exhibited Parenting Imperfect.  Here's how it happened. 
 We had everything we came for.  I asked Max if he was finished, if we should go to the checkout, and he said yes.
  So we went, and were actually first in line.  But he wouldn't come into the checklane.
  i asked if he wanted something else.
  He said yes, and tore off toward the toys.
  We stood there quite awhile while i insisted on some sort of words. 
  Finally he said "I want," so i wrote "I want _________" on a piece of paper, and had him fill it in and read it.  We talked about changing
your mind and talking about changing your mind, and how Mom doesn't always hear.
  When we returned to the checklane, we were behind 3 people, including one with an overloaded cart.  (Seriously - when bagged, her order filled two carts!)
  i pointed out to Max that we had lost our place in line, and he waited not quite patiently.  The lady ahead, the one with the 2 carts, seemed to understand what sort of person he is, & thanked him for his patience - thanked him, not me.
 (And i mention the point not because MY patience was exemplary, but because she noticed what a strain it was on Max.  i've glossed over his minor rudenesses, which could easily have been major.  She was really quite polite, considering.)
  We had thought to go to the library afterward, but Max chose to go straight home, which i thought a quite wise choice.
  And yes, he came home with Thomas the Tank Engine's friend Luke. 

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