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  Among the usual mix of photos, art, autism life-slices and hints, i will be releasing a Saturday Sisters SERIES in January.

  When you talk about women in  the Bible, Eve, of course, came first.
  Other women are named, and many of course are not.  If pressed, i could hazard a summary of what i've heard about who the "daughters of men" and "sons of God" are in the early Genesis chapters, and who Adam and Eve's children married*.*
  i don't think anything profitable can come from my going there.


is the next woman within the pages of Scripture who is discussed at any length.
 Since our Bible was, on the human end, written and edited by males, any tidbits about the women are shown through the lens of the male experience, but we can learn from their lives nonetheless.  Many of the women are shown as more than cardboard cutouts, and Sarah is the next such woman in Scripture.

Last year

i began a Sarah article, then Life Happened, and i didn't finish it.
  A lot of my inspiration came from reading the work of feminist Hebrew scholar Tivka Frymer-Kensky (okay, only ONE of her books!)
  Hey, you don't need to agree with everythng someone says to learn from that person.  And her scholarship is vast.
  Then i attended a conference where Jennifer Rothschild spoke.  Much of her talks that day centered around the life of Sarah.
  And the post began to gel.


it wouldn't end!
  So it became one of the now-59 draft posts to simmer.
  This week i was working at one of the other home computers, and the Sarah post came up.
  i don't know whether i'd forgotten that i'd sorted the posts by "Saturday Sisters" last time i was there, or maybe my co-author has gotten curious (perfectly fine - i HAVE a co-author now to get feedback across the miles!).
  But my interest was taken.
  i felt i had a Sign.  This is a Direction.

not Which Way?  but HOW?

  One thing that had bothered me was that the post was too long.  So you'll be receiving Sarah in weekly segments.
  Sarah's life was one long, wild, not always wonder-full ride. Let's hope our ride isn't too wild! 

* and AnswersInGenesis have more involved answers.

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