Beyond Shadows and Safety Nets: Learning as a Parent

When i asked my son for feedback on myHeartland anthology stories, Boom gave me some helpful advice, but what i remember is the comment that it wasn't what he was expecting to find with that title.

A Writers' Group: to Improve Each Other's Work

The purpose of the Heartland Christian Writers; Group is to critique and encourage each other. Some of us submit our work to others as well, such as, sometimes i ask Boom for suggestions.
As a fellow writer, he's got good ones.

Anyway, tips for improving, to use or lose, there are plenty, but no one else came up with anything like this:


 "It's not what I expected."

One of my submissions to the Anthology is an expansion of What's in the Lower case.
The other, Shadows and Safety Nets, is a meditation on parenthood.
Boom observed that this article was about how my experiences confirmed what i already knew about parenting.
He was expecting to find out what i had learned.
And that's


A Valid Point

i have learned a lot.  It kinda comes with the territory.
That's not what was in my heart when i wrote last winter, but this too deserves to be told
Over the next few days, i pr0pose to share some of that
This is for you, Boom.

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