Running and Walking: A Sunday Doodle

  Yesterday my Study Buddy and i met. 
  And i found a CONNECTION that i hadn't seen before.
  Our lesson began with
  Hebrews 12, about receiving discipline from our Heavenly Father, then went in various other places.  It was a good lesson; Dee Brestin's alway are; i thought so when i prepared it, and i thought so yesterday, but i was charmed and distracted by this CONNECTION

 i should warn you that neither the visual nor the little article are particularly good; they're skeletal, really, but this is exciting to me.  i wanted to get it out of my head and onto paper quickly during a busy time of my life.

Runnning the Race: We get weighed down & weary

  Why the heck is that?  What's the solution?

Good Works: A result, not a cause > It's all laid out; just do it

  So often i hear Ephesians 2:8-9, but it really needs verse 10 to complete the thought:
Grace > Faith > Salvation > Good Works (which were really there to begin with, but not in the sense you might think)
Or, as Amy Grant put it, "I only have to do what I can find ."

Run the Race, Walk the Walk: Same Source of Strength

  And it's not a sit back and let it happen thing either.
  There's exercises, a direction, and just putting one foot in front of the other.

Color Use in the Visual

  Yellow: Trinity God (Father & Son) and their Creation
  Red: Strength and Empowerment
  Blue: Wisdom
  Like i said, not a finished piece, either the writing or the image, but a captured thought, something to share & build on.
  i just love when  God brings these connections to me!

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