A Phone Survey, Very Short

  It's that time of year again: political surveys leading to the fall elections.  i got one of those calls yesterday afternoon.

Strange Photo Edit

  i liked the view in my mirror as i backed into my parkplatz (German/English combination; my own as far as i know), so i snapped it with my cellphone

Paying for Speech: Insurance Denied

  All that time & hassle we had to unload Max's Disney stock to spend down for Medicaid eligibility...
  Then only a few months after we made it happen, it was no longer necessary to do that.
  i've told you all along it was a small amount of stock.
  This week we learned that those six sessions of speech therapy have eaten through all the proceeds from stock sale, which we put into an Arc II Trust.
  At least it was here for Max.  But he's still benefitting from the speech.  Are we going to continue to be able to provide it?

Learning In School & Beyond: Part 2: Types of Classes, and Tests for Course Credit (AP, CLEP)

Continuing the discussion of  Learning In School & Beyond: Part  1 :

  In discussing the homework papers with Max, it seemed appropriate to share this with him:
Boom points out that the idea about the parking ticket came from a teacher.  He himself actually never evperienced this.
   Our family are great believers in the concept of testing out.  i gained an entire semester of college credit via testing.  and Boom took 5 AP courses. 

One Year Speech Eval

  Last week Institutional Speech Therapist gave Max his one year evaluation.

Cool Stuff to Share

  Surprising news: adults have autism, too. It's not just a childhood disorder, and there are things the average person can do to help maximize an autistic individual's development.
  You can find some cool images here which were made for sharing on Facebook or whereever. 
  Respect, peace & quiet, human rights, work, for all?  Yeah, those could help.