Up & Down Day

   Soon after i woke up this morning,
i heard Max screaming in the next room. 
  He seemed more distressed that i'd found him than over whatever he was screaming about.

  Later,  we had a very good day, going to MsTutor, washing the car, shopping, having lunch, going to banks.

Having Lunch

  Remember that.  Lunch out.
  i asked Max, Should we have lunch out or supper out?
  Probably i should've made plainer that it was either/or, not both.  But, i didn't.

Home for the afternoon

  This went well too.  Well, i hung out downstairs too much for his taste, but tough cookies.  Sometimes it needs to be done.
  Then it got to be dinner time.
  And Max was determined we were going to McDonald's.

Discussing what was already decided

  We spent over a half hour writing back & forth, going over the earlier (written) choice.  Writing available choices here.  Discussing that tomorrow is laundramat day, which means lunch out.  i promised him McDonald's lunch tomorrow, but remained firm on supper at home tonight.
  He shouted.  i sighed.  i wrote a single paper with two sides:
   And spent a LOT of time flipping it back and forth instead of repeating myself.

And after: dinner then homework

  Eventually Max decided on the pizza rolls - we're quite informal on nights Dad is out.
  After his shower we did some homework exercises that i found here,  then put some pages in the scrapbook he wants to work on with MsTutor tomorrow .


Puzzle Homework

  i printed the simplest grid pattern search for him.  Way too simple, but he had fun.
  Then we did a type puzzle they call a "word plexer;" they come under other names.  This was hard for Max, but he enjoyed the puzzle and the team input.  Here's how we did it:

verb + verb = i listed parts of speech at the top of page & Max selected the one that seemed to fit

eye e see except i wrote "i after e except after ______" It occurs to me now that that the first "after" should be "before." Max wrote "see," then i suggested a letter of the alphabet, since the "eye" represented one. (but i did need to write c)

m ce x3 i put the first i in, wrote "mice" below, then asked what letter, what can you not do without those, and after circling arount the point a few times, he wrote "blind" in my blank "3 _____ mice"

plPARTay He saw the two words right away. i asked if "play" was together or separated, and he said "separated." i wrote "play a ____" and he filled in "part."

BEEEEE i asked what the word was, then if it was long or short. i wrote be_____, & he filled in. i think this was his favorite.

NOSE i asked him to read the word, then wrote what he said, "nose." i asked him to tell me about the picture, and he said, "broke," not what you & i would say, but......

working(over)CCCCC i sketched a rotten map of the US & Europe above the puzzle, then grabbed a crayon & colored the Atlantic. If the US is home and you are _______ (he read the word) in Europe, there's water between you & home. He called it an ocean, i asked for another word, and he said "sea." i asked "Is there just one C or several?" then wrote "working ______seas" below the puzzle. At this point i had to suggest several directional words, and he offered "under." i pointed out that the "seas" were indeed "under" the line, but the line was "over" the CCCCCs. i suggested that the phrase was about over the oceans, not under them.

STRAIGHT(up) i asked him to read the word, then fill in my blank after it. This confused him, though i was pretty sure he had it, so i drew these directional arrows & asked him to point.

Touch (down) Again, i asked him to read the word, & fill in my blank after it. This time Max said something, but i wasn't sure what, so instead of the arrows, i wrote the two words i might have heard: stone or down.

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