About Comments Received, and Writing in General

  Sometimes for various reasons i will deal with comments to my posts in a post of their own, instead of AS a comment.  Usually
always these are mined from the Spam filter, items Google thinks are trash.  However, i can sense a person behind them and believe they merit my attention.
  First of all, i'm happy to have any comments you care to leave.  As noted on my Conversation page, some comments have a better chance of getting through than others.  Work with it, and we'll all benefit.

An example of an off-the-wall comment

that WON'T get through came in today.   If there's a person behind this one, i wonder if he/she actually read my site.  It complimented me on the audio on my site.
  Um, iBoom helped me put two videos up. He has music with one, and it is nice, and i think the other is silent.
  Maybe if the comment had been with one of those, i could've let it pass, though being Anonymous was a strike against it and the incomprehensible website another.
  But this had nothing to do with Did it!, where it was left.
  If this commenter is reading this, i'm sorry to be critical, but striving for quality means having some sort of standards.

 A CA Lawyer,

at least the commenter seems to be genuine, is making thoughtful comments.  The one i rescued from the spambox is vague, but rings sincere, and the website behind it looks like a genuine professional businessman.
  However, possibly only in order to avoid signing in, he shows up as Anonymous.  i think Blogger always puts Anonymous comments in Spam - i know a lot of bloggers automatically follow Google's recommendation.
  However, he's left me two more which will get addressed here.
  Yes, thank you, i'm glad Did it! is getting views and comments - in the past month, it's been viewed 60 times, shooting it to the single most viewed post on my blog.  i hope people are finding it helpful.
 But i'm pretty sure that talking about the great conversation is germane to my purpose.

  CA Lawyer's third comment

asks about "centering" myself to write.
  Now that is a notion.
  i suspect we are very different people. 
  Oh, hey, i know it.
  He says he loves to write, but feels like the first 20 minutes or so are wasted time.
  That is not my problem difficulty.
  Ending a post, that's hard.  How do you wrap it up?
  i can sit down at the drop of the proverbial hat & words spill out of the keyboard or pen.
  Talking, that's harder.
  CA Lawyer, do you need to center yourself to make a phonecall?  i suspect not.  For me that, the psyching up to an important phonecall, takes days or weeks. Email me if you want to chat.
  Even picking up the phone to call a friend or relative is hard for me, and i actually want to talk to them.
  Unlike a lot of the places i need to talk to as an autism mom.

skyline of some California city


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