Do you listen to podcasts?

 My technical proficiency hasn't yet extended to trying a podcast or webinar, but no doubt many of you are proficient with these.
  InSource just sent me a list of their recent podcasts.  i've always found their information worthwhile, and recommend to you any of these, as well as any older ones or other information they have:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services - Transitional Services Initiative
  • Helpful Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs
  • Decoding Dyslexia
  • Civil Rights and Special Education
  • Bullying and the Child with Special Needs
  • Facilitating Friendships for Children with Learning Disabilities
  • Special Education Law; An interactive Podcast to Dr. Mitchell Yell
  • Helping Children with Behavioral Issues
  • Bridget Sovinski - First Steps of Northeast Indiana

Please visit the IN*SOURCE website at to listen to podcasts, view materials, trainings and find other useful information.

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