War Photos from my Dad's Collection: Salerno to Rome

My dad's war pictures
were in a small bundle wrapped in the package which something, possibly some of the photos, came in.  They were out of order, and stored under the bathroom that was always flooding.  

There's at least one photo that's definitely of my aunt (his sister-in-law, a WAC), so i figured all the photos in that bunch were from her.
But why would they be in THIS bunch, not with her sons' possessions?
i've been working on this project for months, and it's not at all finished.  There were some long evenings laying them all on the table, and matching the process numbers on the back, then the subject matter.
It was quite confusing.
And the farther i went, the less sense some of them made.

 Then i had a brainstorm:  These aren't my aunt's photos, most of them anyway.  These are the photos my dad's buddies sent to him after he got blown up on the Salerno beach, tracing their subsequent progress.
Wow. Chills.


A factory in the war zone?

A YouTube Movie about the Battle of Salerno This is how i came to think the photos are from my dad's buddies - lots of similarities!

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