Saturday Sisters: Hannah, God-Focused

   Things were not right in Hannah's home, or in her larger world.

   Her husband truly loved her, but she wasn't his only wife. We always assume he'd taken a second wife rather than be satisfied with childless Hannah, but Scripture doesn't specifically tell us that. Hannah may have been the second wife, his indulgence after Wife 1 became more than the girl she used to be.
   Either way, far less than satisfactory, especially in a world where a woman's worth was measured by her fertility.
   And at the tabernacle? The priests were drunk and immoral, and they stole the offerings.
   Isn't this the time to hold a pity party and to take your faith underground, as it were? Of course she's perpetually distressed. Her husband doesn't see why. It should be enough that he loves her.
   But Hannah didn't let that stop her.
   She left the family dinner, and prayed publicly in the tabernacle.
   She prayed in public?
   Well, no wonder that foolish priest thought she was drunk. Didn't she stop to think of what might happen if she did that? Or didn't she care?
   She knew she was doing right, and she calmly defended herself, impressing the old priest with her integrity and innocence.
   Oh, and if you continue reading Hannah's story, from I Samuel 1 into I Samuel 2, you'll see she remembered to pray when things went well, too.

Hannah did not let others' misunderstanding of her hunger for God keep her from praying.

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