Dishes Again

Max does like the beige dishes with the blue border.
  Today he couldn't find a clean one, so
he was going to use one from the dishwasher.
  No, no, no.  It needs to be washed first.
  i eventually got him, by blocking his path, to transfer pizza from the dishwasher plate to my clean plate, then wash the dishwasher plate, before taking it to the living room for lunch..
  i suppose this is something that has not made sense to him before.
  We put the dishes IN the dishwasher.
         We take them OUT of the dishwasher.
                Sometimes it's in the way (a portable).
                           What happens in between?
                            Why are some dishes washed by hand & some put in the machine for a couple of days first?
Something else to discuss.
  But at least today's plate got washed before it was used.  And i do NOT want to think about the food on it between the dishwasher & the quick handwashing.
  Oh, and it's been a LONG time since he smashed one.  But then he always chooses for all of us now.  Yeah, spine of melted chocolate.

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