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The Big Mean Machine
  A couple of days ago Puppers got shut in the garage.
  She always has to tell the world when we get the mower out:  Hey!  Everybody!  This Big Mean Thing is coming out of its stable!  Rally the pack!
  But this time,
no one noticed her run into the garage and not come out with whoever it was and the mower.  (i don't think it was me, but i suppose it might have been.  No one else thinks it was them, either.)
  Now the silly dog always wants to tell the world about a normal, regular event that no one wants to hear her talk about, that is going to happen anyway.  Probably it bothers her, but it doesn't hurt her.  She won't come inside while we mow, but, like a kid who wants to play with a spark, she has learned to keep out of its way.
  Barking nonstop.
  And then,  here she gets shut in the garage for hours on end and doesn't tell us? 
  When i came home after scrapbooking, i took a flashlight into the yard & called her, but no sound.  No response in the house, no response in the yard or near the garage.
  But she sure was happy to come out when i opened the door.

  Of course, humans are smarter.
  We always know when there's no need to yap about a pointless annoyance that we should simply remove ourselves from, and we know when we need to advocate on our own behalf.

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