Is this What I Signed Up For? A Saturday Sister

  We learn about marriage from observing the marriages around us.
  But in a very real sense, every marriage is unique, uniting two unique individuals.
  So when we marry outside our culture, we might expect to find extra surprises.
  This was even more true when Zipporah married Moses, who had rejected one culture yet was not truly part of the one he had chosen.  And found himself on the run from both.

Who was Zipporah?

 Descended from one or more of Abraham's "other" children, she met her future husband while caring for her father's sheep.  The relationship always appears to have been closer between the two men.
  We first meet her as a shepherdess, working with her sisters, when she met Moses. while escorting her father's sheep to the well.
  When they married, she no doubt expected to be the wife and mother of shepherds, as she had been daughter of a shepherd patriarch.  What else could she be?

Called to Lead Millions
It's a movie quote, but a good fit for the little bit Scripture shows us of Zipporah's life.

  Everything changed when her husband met God in a fiery bush that wouldn't be consumed.
  Well, wives & husbands go together.  If her man was called back to Egypt, surely Zipporah was going too.

 What was This About?

  this bloody business with the circumcision of one of their sons on the way to Egypt.
  Unclear pronouns alone make the passage difficult; Zipporah seems to have understood something Moses had missed.
  It may not be possible for us in 21st century America to unravel this incident.  i think we can be comfortable with that.
  We can point to the importantance of circumcision, literally and symbolically.  And there's the point about the leader should be the example fo the  people.  

Something Here We Can Identify With

  Regardless of what was going on, it was something urgent, important, and requiring immediate action.
  Ever been faced with something like that?
  People outside the family may not be able to understand what you've done.  Life has become bizarre, and "the next step" is something you may have never dreamed of.

Questions to Ponder

  Did something change in the family dynamic that day?
  Nothing she had experienced prepared her for life with Moses the Deliverer.
  Did she also find his God and become a woman he could share his soul with?
  And what about me?  Am i someone who can read the circumstances and take the decisive action needed?  Am i the companion and helper my family needs?
                  What was Zipporah's heart condition?

  What is mine? 

Here is another view: 
For what it is, or is not, worth, it seems right to me.

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