Signs of the Times: Home Prices

  In 1962, my parents bought the lot to build the home i grew up in.
  We were one of the first five families in the beanfield.  The kids walked to the corner to meet the bus, then rode around for it seemed the entire morning before getting to school.
  There were 11 busses for the entire district.
  By the time  i graduated, the subdivision essentially WAS the bus route.
  Then, in the year or two after i graduated, the district really begain to grow.

Home Prices 1960s

  My parents paid $23,000 for the 3/4 acre lot and 3BR, 2 bath ranch with full basement.
  In Avon, IN.

Home Prices 1970s

  When i was in college, i gave a lift to a fellow student whose family was "friends of friends" pf my mom.  She had heard of the family's $150,000 home.  Awestruck, she asked me to report to her on what the presumed mansion looked.
  It was nothing fancy.  It was nice, nicely furnished, but the lot was small, & the ranch home was smaller than ours.
  No basement, but there was a fireplace.
  1970s inflation?

Things Change, Things Stay the Same

   Prices vary widely these days, but you can search going prices in Indiana & see what homes are fetching now.

  i'm told we pay taxes based on tables drawn up in the 1970s.  Are prices in line with that? 

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