Puppers really doesn't like her raincoat, though she doesn't hate it as much as when she was younger.
She has taught me that dogs do not generally wear clothes.  Gone are the cute but useless team sweater and the butterfly or bat Halloween costume.  But in some way she doesn't understand, the raincoat keeps her a bit drier.
  On top, anyway.
  It wasn't made for a corgi.  We either have to bunch it around her neck or make her ears lay down.  The first thing i did  was trim off half the front so she didn't trip on it.  And - she's rather bunched up in this photo - there's a loop that's supposed to go under ther non-existent tail that misses the end of her body by a few inches.  When she's chubby the hoop&loop barely fastens around her.
  But in heavy rain it's worht the effort.

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