What Can You Do With Photos Like These?

Here are more photos that i was advised to not attempt. . . .
Pretty awful, huh?  Maybe you think i shouldn't have.
  But they tell essential parts of the story.
  For most of their nearly nearly 40-year lives, they have been the sort of slides that make viewers say, "What is THAT doing here?  You should throw it away."
  Then i tell the story.

To the Top of the Empire State Building

  The blurry shot, which i did anticipate, actually carries the story forward.
  During a slideshow, it's a placeholder for the story of a night on the town.
  On the page, i used other supplies to convey the memory of the evening.
  But i love even more the way the skilled technician with a heart was able to get a good print last year.
  Will i redo the page?  Oh no.  There are enough things to keep me busy, enough photos to scrapbook, without redoing pages that are perfectly satisfactory without a new print.
  But, with the digital skills i have now, i would definitely use the print.
  i think i'd type that journaling on the photo.

Happy Birthday, USA!

  We traveled during the summer of 1976.  On a soft rainy day around the 4th, my friend and i got lost in the streets of Vienna and found a gorgeous birthday cake holding the place of honor in the window of a closed sidestreet bakery.
  Not just any huge birthday cake.  It said "Happy Birthday, USA."
  A paperpiecing by Jolee's  set the stage.  i don't often use these, as they are rather expensive (as if scrapbooking is not generally!), but occasionally a special page warrants it.  Some people make their own paperpiecing, but that's not my style - too much work.
  Again, the skilled tech with heart did a fabulous job with the cake.  Still no prize-winning shot, but i might have used it if i'd printed this one before.  It's a better print than the NYC night, but i don't think it would improve on the page i have at all.


  Neither would have printed so well with 1990s technology.  And the prints i have look much better than eiher slde on the the projection screen.

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