Saturday Sisters: The Woman in John 8

  She's known as The Woman Caught in Adultery.
 Was she
a young betrothed or a professional?  Or maybe a woman trapped by a need to earn a living and only one thing to sell?
  Adultery takes two; was the man frightened & fleet or slippery & salacious?
  Actually, it's irrelevant.
  To us, at least; choose the story that resonates most to you, but don't get wrapped up in it.
  That's why Scripture doesn't give us all the detail we want.

Jesus and the Pharisees
Was the question an honest one?  Why did the religious leaders really want to know Jesus' answer?
  There seemed to be no way for Him to please them:  Sparing her would've been kind and merciful.  It was what they expected, but a sellout of Moses' law.  And if He said "Kill her" -- well, that was a sellout of a different kind, from someone well-known for keeping undesirable company.
  Jesus gives grace to sinners, but He also says "Sin no more."
 He gave her a fresh start.

What about Her?  What about me?

Grace is not exclusionary based on belonging to a particular group.  It doesn't matter who you are or what you have done. 
  You can come to Him, get out of the muck, and start again. 
. . . for all who did (and do!) receive and trust in Him, He gave them the right to be reborn as children of God
from Laura Singleton's 2012 article, Grace: Hammock or Slingshot?

Matthew Henry's commentary on this passage

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