All for One?

  How does your team work?

The Question

  Max's Miss Tutor was surprised when i answered her question about who Max's psychiatrist is, the one who prescribes the medications.
  The mom of one of her other students had left this doctor's practice, and violently felt this person a horrible doctor.  Miss Tutor was astonished that we like This Doctor, when the other mom feels so strongly and so differently.
  i was surprised too.

How could anyone not like This Doctor?

  Over the time between Max's sessions, i considered this.
  Then i remembered, This Doctor is someone who expects the family to be active members of The Team.  If you're part of This Doctor's clientele, you have to know what you want for your kid and be able to talk about it.  Then This Doctor will look at the vitals his staff has previously gathered, check what's available and explain what we should expect from the various possibilities.
  Yeah, we were kinda tongue-tied on our first few visits, but we hit the pace early on.  We actually like the style, though we aren't like another father we met who actively shops for a doctor, having the attitude, "I only need YOU to write the 'script."

The Answer: Different People

  When Max saw Miss Tutor again, i tentatively asked if maybe the other mom liked her professional to take charge, and shared how This Doctor expects a lot of work and communication from the family.
  Bingo!  Yes, Other Mom, she said, does tend to be somewhat "inarticulate," maybe a bit intimidated by her lack of education in respect to medical professionals.
  So that's an indication of Not a Good Fit.  We've experienced it ourselves.  You learn to work with the doctor, as we did here, or switch, as we did in the other circumstances.

The trend 

these days is to be an active participant in your own healthcare.  Learning to be just that is good all round.  We're helping Max to participate more as his communication skills grow, though it's still frustrating.

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