Week of changes - and more to come

Table in the "Music and Expression" class, aka Art Journaling, that Max and i are taking this month.
  Right after Max graduated, the changes couldn't come fast enough.  Now, they don't stop. . . .  He does like building Lego models.  Yesterday he & his PAC person finished the Eiffel tower.  And he wants to build another.  Well, build & take apart & rebuild like Grandma & her puzzles, or get more?  Maybe this is something people would buy?
  the PAC person has 5 hours available for Max, to be used between 2-5 on Mondays & Wednesdays.    Not our first choice, but she's good (sixteen years doing this!), & he likes her.  Yesterday she stayed 2 hours, twice as long as previouly.  Next week she will bring him home from "Company A," and have some sort of community activity.  Or so is the plan.
  Since Boom is moving, we need to find some other way to accomplish the lunch & laundry routine.  Personally, my preference would be fix the home setup to have hot water again, but the total replumb of two rooms is not in the picture now, so, no.  And i wouldn't mind going with Max, or alone (though i mind less skipping it), but he has specifically invited me OUT of this event.  So. . .
   A friend's son graduated this past spring.  He doesn't qualify for services, though he needs some sort of mentorship, or at least motivation & activity.  He's also on the spectrum.  We're going to try teaming them up.  Boom agreed to take this young man along while he, Boom, is still living here, then likely i'll be in the scene anyway.  We'll see how that works.

Max drew this from tutorial on


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