Wordless Wednesday: Eiffel and Delaunay

taken by my friend Fumiko - Thanks!

"Poses" like the large one were a favorite.  i'm not sure if similar ones below were from the same painting or different.  The one left is the same as the one at the end, which i've done several times and is my favorite.

Left is another version of the colored version above; neither shows Delaunay's dramatic slant. At right is another attempt at my favorite one.

The one left is a simplified version of a rectangular pastel; it's hard to tell which one i'm working from.  On right, i thought it was the oil in the Philadelphis Museum of Art, but checking further, i think it's the cut & paste one way down in thie weird fashion blog.  The Philly one is another take of "Valerie's Favorite," but either way, i prefer my pencil sketch to his original (not that i wouldn't love to see the originals!).

This was my first attempt at "my favorite," and closest of those here to his.  It's also in that fashion blog.
Because Delaunay traveled and exhibited extensively throughout Europe, the possibility for owning one of his pieces is great. His earliest Impressionist-style paintings are lesser known, and it is highly likely that some exist unknown and unauthenticated in private collections.

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