Not Exactly Wordless Wednesday: Summer Changes

Last week, "Company A," with whom Max has Medicaid-sponsored day services, took a group to the state fair.  Riding the YoYo was the highlight of the day for Max.
  It's been quite a smmer. 
  Max is adjusting to new Medicaid services, i've screamed (or simply been annoyed) at medical procedures, and Boom makes final preparations to move out of state next month, pursuing his own dreams.

If You're Still Reading: Max's Changes

  Max has started day services two days a week, and begun having a PAC person come in.  Soon i'll remember that alphabet soup that PAC represents - what it actually means is, it eats up funding FAST while providing services optionally in-home, in the community, and in a facility.
  Meanwhile, Max continues tutoring and speech.  We've reevaluated the speech, considered changing to having a new therapist with Company A or B, rejected the idea, and decided to continue, for now at least, with the current therapist, but a new program with more home input.
  Oh, and there's a "Music and Expression" class for both of us Friday mornings.  The rest of the world would call it Art Journaling.  He was actually interested, and i encouraged him to stay, despite the stutter of the art therapist in training. 
  Max, you can help her be a good art therapist, have a good start in the career she wants.
  He likes that.  And he enjoys the music and liked the charcoal pencil, something i do not like to work with.

 If You're Still Reading: Screaming and Fuming in Medical Facilities

   Quick List:  screening, followup was like torture to determine i'm fine.  How does a just barely "borderline diabetic" result mean something bad, when i forgot to fast AND spent the two hours previous chugging a frappicino?  Don't want to be in denial; just not seein' it.  Hand surgery; needle in the wrist; gotta stop typing sooon 'cause it's still not easy..  Two laser eye surgeries,  followup to the cataract surgery three years ago.  Hot flash with chest pain in ophtmalogist's office.  It disappeared when the tech gave me water, but there ARE protocols for chest pain; been there, done that.  Six bruises later by 4 people attempting to draw blood, they pronounce me, as usual, fine, we don't know what happened, but it's not your heart.
  Yes.  We took 3 months of tests last year to thoroughly check that out.  Without the insinuations of lying about diabetes.  If the endless blood tests indicated it, if my actual, personal doctor told me so, i would own it, but the post-frappucino is the closest i've come.  So far.

 If You're Still Reading:  The Boomerang Kid

prepares to "rang out again.  Imminently.
  but that's enough details on Boom.  Twenty-somethings do that.  Families deal.

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