Learning as a Parent Pt1: Safety: Too Great a Sacrifice?

  Since the kickoff article was safety nets, i suppose it makes sense to begin with this one.

  In the article, i discussed lack of independence and overprotection.
  As part of the overprotection thing, i didn't learn how to do the obligatory chores i should have. If i didn't want to do it, fine, my mom found it easier to just do it.  
  i didn't learn how to do vital tasks, and, those i did pick up, i didn't know how to teach kids to do.  Integrating   fun into chores? Forget about it.
  In our own family, MyGuy & i found we were often leaving chores undone or having Mom inside with the kids & Dad in the yard or workshop getting stuff done.
We did the divide & conquer thing too much.
Yes, tools and chemicals can be dangerous. 
  But there should've been some way to get the work done with the kids at hand.  Other families do it.

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