The Ruth Project, Part 2b: "Spoilers" and Surprises

  So here's the deal:

  In my Part 1 post, i asserted that the authors attempting a novel of this story had to answer some questions.
  There are, if i counted correctly, 38 statements below, points which i found interesting which could be spoilers to someone.  They are answers to various questions, not necessarily the ones proposed earlier, which an author would need to answer.  Definitely more than 38; i added a couple!
   All of the statements are true for at least one of my novels.
  Here, i've given each title a number.  You may read the "quiz" as such, or merely as interesting points about the novels.  If you are attempting the quiz, you may consider the six numbered titles your choices for answers, matching individual novels with the statements.
  Remember that while each statement is true for at least one novel, a statement may be true for more than one.
  1. The Foreigner, by Gladys Malvern, illus. by Corinne Malvern; 1951/2011
  2. Ruth, A Novel, by Lois T. Henderson 1981
  3. Lineage of Grace: Unshaken, by Francine Rivers 2001
  4. Ruth: Mother of Kings, by Diana Wallis Taylor 2013
  5. Garden of Ruth, by Eva Etzioni-Halevy 2007
  6.  In the Field of Grace, by Tessa Afshar 2014

The Quiz

Ruth's Life with her Moabite Family

____Ruth's family is loving but materialistic.
____The author gives Ruth a brother.
____The author shows Orpah as Ruth's sister.
____The author shows Orpah as Ruth's best friend.
____Ruth's parents considered their children a bother and distraction from affluent lifestyle.
____Ruth's family does not appear in the story.
____Ruth was an orphan.

Ruth's Life with her Hebrew Family

____Ruth first sees the Hebrew family as they move into town.
____Ruth first meets Naomi in the marketplace.
____Ruth's husband Mahlon has already died when the story begins.
____Half the novel tells of Ruth's first marriage.
____Elimelech performs his sons' weddings.

The Journey to Bethlehem

____Ruth & Naomi were mostly alone on their journey.
____Ruth & Naomi traveled with several different caravans.
____Ruth saves the caravan from robbers.
____Both Ruth and Naomi barely survive the journey.

The Arrival in Bethlehem

____Ruth and Naomi moved directly into Naomi's abandoned, derelict house.
____Ruth & Naomi's first Bethlehem dwelling is a sheepfold build by an eccentric for his pet sheep.
____The best dwelling place Ruth and Naomi can get is one of Elimelech's smallest caves.
____Naomi & Ruth passed the Bethlehem Inn & saw rows of mangers in its stable.

Ruth's Faith

____Ruth was a believer when she married Mahlon.
____Ruth finally gave up her idol while on the journey.
____Ruth was a good person, but she never exactly figured out what the God of the Hebrews expected as worship.

Farm Life

____Ruth saves Boaz's fields from a wildfire.
____The entire workcrew is on the threshing floor the night Ruth comes to Boaz.
____Boaz threshes alone in the field.

Ruth's Refusal to Leave Naomi

____Ruth's declaration of fidelity surprised Ruth herself.
____Ruth carefully chose her words of devotion, calculating how best to win her mother in law.
____When preparing Ruth for the night on the threshing floor, Naomi asks Ruth if she could honestly say the same thing to Boaz and/or the kinsman .

Details About Boaz

____Boaz has never married.
____Boaz is widowed with kids.
____Boaz is widowed, and his kids died too.
____Boaz' first wife had a working pet dog.
____Boaz was an avid horseman.
____The author poetically weaves into the story Boaz exemplifying types of Christ.
____Boaz brings Ruth's family to their wedding.
____Boaz buys his wife Ruth an olive grove on a mountain overlooking Jerusalem.
____Boaz was a former suitor of Naomi's.

 Relationships in General

____Ruth is still a teenager.
____Ruth is in her mid to late twenties.
____Naomi resents her Moabite daughters in law.
____Naomi adores her Moabite daughters in law.
____The initial scene in the book has Ruth talking with her great grandson David.
____The book ends with David, just before his death, acquainting his sons with their Moabite descent.
____Ruth wrote her autobiography. What we have in the Bible is the part of it which survived her family's suppression.
____Ruth wrote her autobiography. What we have in the Bible is what her descendant remembered after another family member burned Ruth's copy.
____There is a strong emphasis on women friends.

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