What i've Learned about The Cane

  In his "Introductory" to Reflections on the Psalms, C.S. Lewis  carefully explains that his book is not written because he knows his subject so well, but because he, like his audience, is a beginner. 
  So, in that spirit, i share some tips about using this contraption.

  • Single-tip canes don't work, for me at least, as well as multi-pronged ones.  Not only do the 4 feet give me more stability, but i can step on the base when it falls over & bring it back to upright.  i can even use it as a reach tool.  Just today there was some trash i'd dropped under the table & couldn't reach.  So i stuck out the lower end of my cane & dragged it over to where i could reach it.  Big help!
  • Think tripod.  Bad leg and cane work as a unit.
  • Be sure it's adjusted correctly, or, if not adjustable, get a different one.  There should be a slight crook in your elbow for maximum benefit.  If you have to drag it, as i saw someone doing once, it's too long for you!
  • To get good support from my cane, i lean on it.  Sometimes very heavily.
  • It's hard to carry very much while using a cane.  Fortunately i can take a few steps without it somewhat easily.
  • Sometimes i feel like a fraud using my cane  i can walk ok without it - for awhile.  i've walked off & left it, even DRIVEN away without it.  But here's the thing: if i don't use it, it won't be very many days before i barely can walk at all.  So i'll continue to use it whenever and whereever possible.

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