Max's Progress

Very little has changed here since i last updated this.
 Well, we just got good at the previous routine, when it changed!  But Medicaid
services are the same.

  We have the book club (currently reading RinTinTin: The Life and the Legend, by Susan Orlean).  Max enjoys the book and asks to have it read outside of book club - or rather, he is willing and eager to have it read when i offer!
  There seems to be some speech progress.  A couple weeks ago, he spontaneously told MyGuy and me, at separate times, when he wanted lunch.  And he does better on the phone when MsTutor calls him, though he's still likely to hang up before the caller is ready.
  This week, he even managed to not rage when i didn't get ready to go to the laundramat as soon as he would've liked. 
  Still, this has been a bit trying for him.  PBS changes their rotation of kids' shows three times a year, and this week Thomas got moved.  Overall, it seems to work better.  We don't have to hurry and get home for him; Max seems to have accepted that somedays he'll see his show and others he won't.
  We'll see how this lasts.

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