Winter Photos from about 2000
   Max and i have settled into a routine these days.  Again.
  There's the Event of the Day, carefully - or not - timed to allow us to be home at the time of the Big Event: watching Thomas.

  As i've said elsewhere, i try to accomodate this when i can.  The guy should have as much right as anyone else to arrange his life as he wants, plus, frankly, it's simpler to not ask him to miss his show.

  Bad parenting, right?
  But there's Medicaid dollars that need to be used or "lose"d, er lost.  i wouldn't mind that so much if that didn't mean that, should he need those dollars, they would be hard, or at least lengthy, to get back.

    Max says he likes life as it is.  Well, there's too much Mom.  But it's not like he wants anyone else either.
  Should i look into voc rehab again?  More therapy?  Counseling?
  Surely it's too early to look into his having a place of his own.

  And i, the person who hates making phone calls, am getting discouraged over places that suggest "Not here."

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