Wordless Wednesday: A Day in the Rain with Thomas

  Thomas usually comes to Connorsville, Indiana, during the last two weekends of June.  i see that this year he'll also come to French Lick in September.
   If you want to spend a day with Thomas (hopefully NOT in the rain, though that's still fun!) you can look at HIT Entertainment's Day Out with Thomas page.

We wait to catch the train here.
In the stories, Thomas is a "steamie," but the event Thomas is a little diesel.

This year, the steam feature is new.  MyGuy says this one is an altogether nicer incarnation, even moving facial features.

Kinda deserted in the rain, but here are most of the other activities for the little ones: a story tent, various ride-ons, food tents, and of course, Max's favorite spot, the souvenir tent, behind the blue striped one.  The bus stop is just in front of the far background buildings.

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