Earlier this week, i had trouble uploading my photos to post.
  i got them transferred off the camera to the computer, but they seemed to have gotten lost somewhere when transferring them to the folder in which i wanted them.
  And it kept taking so long.
  i finally had to close the files and see if it sorted itself out by morning.
  It was of course afternoon before i could get back to it, but, while we dressed in the morning, i asked MyGuy what he'd need to know if i ended up needing his help.
  It is actually simple. Remembering what's required, that's hard.
  • What was i trying to do?
  • What did i do?  Not what actually happened yet, but what keys did i stroke, how did i move the mouse, etc.  How did i operate the machine?
  •  What did i expect?  Not exactly the same question as the first, but very similar.  i think this is a restating of the problem in different terms.
  • What actually happened instead?  i don't know about you, but i always want to say this first!
  • What is wrong?This gets me to look at the problem, like all the times the client called our electrician friend, always late on Friday night, to ask him to come fix the whatever it was.  He asked her to check various stuff first.  Eventually he included "Is it plugged in?" because that was ALWAYS the problem.  And after a few weeks, she didn't call him anymore.  (Maybe someone else - we think she wanted company!)
  It reminded me of simething that happened when i was working for the phone company.
  My job was answering phones and taking trouble reports on phonelines.  We had a script to follow that was very much like the one MyGuy gave me. 
  However, this one man wouldn't tell me anything, except "It's deader'n a doornail! It's deader'n a doornail!"
  i brought my report to the testman, who determined, as i thought, that his phone number couldn't be called (CBC) and the phone had no dialtone (NDT), can't call out (CCO).
  So we figured it out, the testman fixed his problem, but he didn't make it easy! 

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