10 Hints to Guess My Favorite Comic Book SuperHero

  i've never really been into superheroes, but i realized yesterday that i really do have a favorite one.  See if you can figure him out.

10) Although he's strong, well-educated, and clever, oh, and of course he spends his life fighting evil, he's pretty much an ordinary guy.  No spiderwebs shoot from his fingers & he's not from another planet.
 9) He's heavily invested in the family business.  And in his family.
 8) He can climb into any plane and fly it.
 7) He's at home with the richest of the earth and in the mean streets of the city, but
 6) he lives deep in the jungle.  In a cave.

 5)  When he needs a break from all that evil fighting, he has his own tropical island paradise

4) He wears a purple suit.
3) His dog is a wolf.
2) He rides a white horse, which is better trained than most dogs.
1) His superpower is -- friends.

Any guesses?  And did i "lead you up a garden path" anywhere on the way?

the answer is here, in my post about A Little Help from My Friends.


  1. I'm thinking about this one! Not sure, yet.

  2. Okay, here's two hints:
    The reason i didn't think of him as a comic book superhero is i first found him in the funny pages of the newspaper.
    And there was a feature film about him in the mid 1990s.
    Does this help:

  3. Ok, if you give up, you can find the answer here in my A Little Help from my Friends post, December 6, 2011.


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