Life on the Computer Farm

  MyGuy is a computer pro of decades long standing.
  It's only natural that we have a computer farm in our home.

  Which in a way is rather funny.  Not too long ago i rediscovered something i wrote in college, saying i couldn't imagine ever wanting ONE computer in our home.
  MyGuy says the computers are "ours."
  i say they are his, well, one is a family computer.  i have no computer, but "squatting rights" on 3.
  There are at least six working computers in the house, including MyGuy's and FB's laptops, but not including FB's iinternet access iPod and other small electronics.  There may be at least that many nonworking computers for all i know.  It's just a matter of time before they are working again, you know.

  The first photo, NOT a recent one, shows Max, who just turned 21, at the first computer we had family access to.  The computer is still there, but only MyGuy uses it, if anyone. i think it was called woodpile.      And Max still has that Maximum Smile.

  This is haystack, the current master bedroom computer.  My main Thunderbird mail program is there.  It drives me crazy.  i can get email anywhere in the house, but until i accept it here, this program considers that i haven't collected mail.
  MyGuy says it's not supposed to work that way, but it does.

  This is duckpond, our current family computer and my usual choice these days.  It's in the playroom, and it replaced south40 - yes, at the south end of our home.
   All these computers are upstairs.  If i want to work downstairs, there is barn, in the  office, and two others, which only MyGuy can use.  But working on the computer while waiting for the school bus is not really a practical option.

  The computers are supposed to be networked, so that whichever computer i began the file on, i can access it from any computer the next time i sit down.  MyGuy can do that, but it doesn't work that way for me.  i'm always having to email myself files and addresses from one computer to another.  Occasionally i can see the file i want on the NetHood file, but when i try to access it, i'm told that i need admin status to do that.

  i expect i'll be coming back to this topic occasionally. 

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