Life on the Computer Farm - Chrome?

  Well, MyGuy's been cultivating the Farm again.
  It's an ongoing process, really, but only sometimes does it affect me.
  He tells me i now have updated Firefox.  i can see that, though i really don't see any improvements from it.  i do see changes to adjust to - all sorts of things that i used to be able to just FIND, i now need to go to a single drop-down menu for.  That took awhile to figure out, but i did it on my own.
  Then there's other things i've used before, can't remember just now at this horridly early hour, that i haven't found at all yet.
 But i'll adjust.  And Boom tells me that, if i'd prefer the info and links to the "real estate" i now have (and still can't see that i have), that can be arranged.  That's good to know. i'll give it awhile, though.  Getting used to new stuff takes time for bodies that don't catch on quickly.
  Max seems to have had no trouble adjusting to the updated Firefox.

  But MyGuy also says i have Chrome, which theoretically will help this blog work better.  And i can't find that at all.  i looked under All Programs, which has two alphabetical lists, and neither Google nor Chrome is there.  When i told MyGuy i wasn't finding Chrome, that was his first suggestion - already done.

  So Chrome lives somewhere on the Farm.  Maybe on Duckpond.  In a few weeks with a bit more cultivation i ought to be able to use it.

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