Getting Along: Laundry Edition

  My mom finally, taught me to do laundry when i was 18 and about to leave for college  One of the things she told me was to clean the dryer's lint trap AFTER every load.  That makes it nice for the next person.
  i always do that, clean the lint trap after every load.  (well, when i can FIND the lint trap.  Can't always, in laundromats.)
  But everyone else doesn't.  Maybe they just forgot.  Maybe, like my guys, they believe in cleaning the lint trap BEFORE every load.
  Anyway, i taught my kids to do laundry at a much younger age than i learned, and somehow they haven't been nearly as influenced as i was by mom's laundry dictums.
  Anyway, back to that lint trap.
  The whole point of cleaning the lint trap is to keep the lint from building up.  It doesn't really matter when it's done, as long as there isn't any on it when you start the load, so that you don't get a heavy buildup during the load.
  It used to irritate me that my guys wouldn't simply clean the lint trap after they run the dryer.  But now i've trained myself to simply be grateful that they do laundry at all.
  And i check that darn lint trap before putting my load in, as well as cleaning it after.
  Because getting the job done is what matters.

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