Love Actually

Bridge over Buffalo Creek
  This is where MyGuy proposed to me, many long years ago.
  That is, the second time he proposed to me.
  The first time was earlier that day, as he sat, whiteknuckled at the wheel of my car in the mall parking lot.  Naughty girl that i was, i laughed at him.
  It doesn't excuse my insensitivity, but he HAD told me that i would know he wasn't serious if he wasn't on his knee.
  Later he explained that he had just realized that he wasn't complete without me.  That was a scary thought, with only one conclusion, and he had to grab his courage when he found it to get there.
  Then i laughed at him.
  He thinks i engineered our walk later that evening to include this romantic bridge over Buffalo Creek, but honestly, no.  i was in the midst of exam week at college.  My boyfriend was visiting.  My mind is at best a scattered thing, and i truly didn't remember that proposal in the mall parking lot.
  i do now.  And i'm glad our walk led us by this bridge, and that he wasn't put off my laughter earlier.

  The reason i'm reminiscing on this now is because of my blog wandering.  Blog trainer Cris encouraged the class to visit new blogs, and mentioned her husband loved to tell funny stories.  i thought, yeah, funny stories, sounds good.  But what i found was this one, 15 Years, and it touched my heart.

  Thanks for sharing, guys.  Maythe next 15 years find you as much in love & content with each other as you are now.

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  1. I just love a good love story! Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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