TaDaa! The New Computer Desk

  Well, after two or three weeks of fitting in the work with everything else, it's done.
  By now, it's even functional, beyond what you see here. This is from is from last Sunday, when it was newly set up. 
  MyGuy is a really good mentor, and Max enjys the assembly process.

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: Another Desk, Another Time

Brothers "Musty," short for Mustard, and Inky

 Inky was an "engagement present" from an aunt.  Musty came to my sister, because of course there were lots of kittens.  But they were always my parents' cats.

Another Family's Medicaid Experience

  Life is busy on the Computer Farm just now, with rearranging a 12x24 room, building a big computer desk in scraps of time, and i won't even get into the organizational  doodoo MyGuy and i are sorting through.
   Fellow blogger Anne Higley's (Two in TransitionMeandering Through the Medicaid Minefield  post then came at a very opportune time.   She's wading through the same Medicaid muck we are, and expresses herself very well.
  i recommend you wander over and take a look.

Two Recent Things that Made My Day

another view of Whitefish Point
  Last week i was having breakfast with a girlfriend.  As often happens,

Who Are the Poor?

H.K. Bennett is an Indiana lawyer working in eldercare.  i list his On Guardianship post in my RH sidebar.
Today he writes powerfully about Medicaid and Medicare.  While he writes, as always, from the eldercare perspective, but his points are valid from the standpoint of considering our kids'care as well.
Plus, many of us have parents to consider, as well as not knowing our own future needs.

More About PCP

  In the continuing saga of our little computer farm, i've written of the addition of a digital signature key to my main email account.
  Usually it works.
  Sometimes the encryption fails and i can't send a message.
Tomorrow and Friday the finals of the 
are being aired.  You may want to catch them if you can.
Not only do i simply find Jeopardy! a fascinating program, but i believe one of the finalists is a young woman on the autism spectrum.

Wordless Wednesday: Whitefish Point Lightstation

A remote area, Whitefish Point is where Lake Superior narrows
into "merely" a large bay.