A Different Kind of Walking: Getting Close to Graduation

  On the week of Max's first birthday, he took his first steps.
  This walker was supposed to be his birthday present, but he looked ready for it the week before, so we gave it to him early.  Good thing we did, because
by his birthday he wasn't using it anymore.
  He had grown past the need.

New Skills Then, New Skills Now

  Other skills don't come so easily, but support is still needed.
  This is part of a fluid comprehension document we're using.  Initially composed by school staff, i added comprehension questions based on the ones from speech therapy.  And weekly i've been editing the text and questions based on the previous week's comprehension & upcoming challenges.

Medicaid for Waiver Services

 We were denied for Medicaid, so we need to go through more hoops processes to get on the waiver.  The problem is a number of things: we were told a particular document would work, but that statement was in error.  We needed a different document.  And we've known for years that we needed to sell the Disney stock that "Uncle Artie" gave Max back when, but we haven't been gotten it done.
  Now that we have guardianship it's harder.  Seems MAX's signature is needed, not ours.
  The value is too small for a stockbroker to be interested in working with us, but enough to put Max barely over the limit as of midMarch.

MidMarch is Key

  His speech therapist is a snowbird.  We don't have speech therapy when she's in Florida, so the SSI money doesn't go down as quickly.  We make up for that when she returns, but, when the money was checked, she had been gone since December and returned two weeks later.
  Maybe i should have appealed.  i didn't, because i knew that we'd known about that stock forever, and, though we need waiver services to do more for Max, his survival doesn't depend on it.

The Perdue Decision

  But someone else's did.
  It seems that the agency has been found in violation of people's rights regarding the way they inform of denials.  We were definitely informed inadequately of the reason for denial, and earlier we were misinformed about documentation to provide, so i have asked to join the Perdue Decision class action suit.
  And maybe we'll get that stock sold by then.  At least i've finally convinced MyGuy that an ArcII trust is a viable way to deal with the proceeds.

       Information on the Perdue Decision:

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