More Fiction: Rahab

  If you've followed my blog very long, you know that i enjoy Biblical fiction .
  This was one of several that caught my eye when i was looking for the Sarai book for our book club.

 Author's Philosophy of Fiction

  If i wasn't hooked enough on Pearl in the Sand from the web description, the introductory Author's Notes finished the job.

Wordless Wednesday: Unrecognizable Landmark?

  i visited here in 1976.  A relative came, about 25 years later, after major renovations had been done.
  Or rather, ONE major renovation.  He did not recognize my photos. 
What does the building look like now?  Look here.

Scripture Pair (Trio)

  Ecclesiastes 3 has the very well-known eight verses about "a time for . . . ."  This one, less well-known, may be a summary of them:
  Different translations say it differently.  Essentially, people don't understand what God has already done, let alone what He's in the process of doing.  It's just too deep for us.
  This is one of "my" verses.  i'm just not driven to understand absolutely everything.
  The really interesting one with Ecc. 3:11, though, its "pair," is in Isaiah:
  Hmmm. We don't know the future.  God does. 
  Does this put us in our place or what?

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: Graduation Changes

carving by my mother, when facing Empty Nest
  This time next week Max will be graduated.
  There will be plenty to write about Max and finding our way.  Today is a capsule summary & tribute to my mom and the changes in her life.

Library Visit

   i really shouldn't have gone to the library that day.  But my hold was in, and i wanted it. Then of course i had to walk around, and i found more. .. .

Music and Imagination

Really playing an instrument, that is.
  When i pick him up at school, i try to remember to ask Max which special he had on a given day, and something about what he did in that class.
  Tuesday, he answered, "Music." The next question was, did you sing, play an instrument, or do something else?  He said he'd played an instrument, not sang, and the instrument was a viola.
  Really?  Viola is such an unusual word.  i rather have to believe it, though he will often come up with things just to say anything.
  Max, can you tell me more please? 

Wordless Wednesday: Feed Me

"A sign?  Don't worry about it.
You ARE supposed to share your food with me.
 Would this face lie to you?"

Disruption of Routine

  In preparing to leave for the PTA convention today, i needed to be downstairs at a time i'm usually in bed.
  This did not suit routine-oriented, early-riser Max.

PTA Convention Time Again

"Lady Gaga" and Company sing for PTA and Real Men - all members active at state level
So many of you are interested in my post, "A Fork, and  A Guy in War Paint, and a Super' ," about the Indiana State PTA Convention, that i thought i would give a shout-out to their convention this weekend.