Is this What I Signed Up For? A Saturday Sister

  We learn about marriage from observing the marriages around us.
  But in a very real sense, every marriage is unique, uniting two unique individuals.
  So when we marry outside our culture, we might expect to find extra surprises.
  This was even more true when Zipporah married Moses, who had rejected one culture yet was not truly part of the one he had chosen.  And found himself on the run from both.

Travel: Metaphor and Reality

 i acquired a taste for travel while i was a kid, while not completely enjoying it at the time.  Go figure. MyGuy and i  have not taken very many trips but i've throughly enjoyed the ones we have taken.
  The scrapbook pages are from one of the few we took

Behaving Sensibly and Acting Respectfully

  There is behaving responsibly.  There is behaving with respect toward another.
  You should always do both.  My doing the 2nd does not require somebody else doing the 1st.
  Last night, when i got the sports section to drain meatballs on for the spaghetti, i saw where a certain sports celebrity was apologizing for

Using Your Voice

The Big Mean Machine
  A couple of days ago Puppers got shut in the garage.
  She always has to tell the world when we get the mower out:  Hey!  Everybody!  This Big Mean Thing is coming out of its stable!  Rally the pack!
  But this time,

Saturday Sisters: Eve

  He was lonely.  And she was the perfect partner.

Up & Down Days

Max came up with the word "volcano" on his own to explain his feelings.
Third Friday after graduation:  Maybe we've got another piece in place.

Catching Some Rest

Max & Boom, at a very early age
This is our biggest difficulty right now.
With MyGuy being a Morning Person & me being a Night Person, it's not surprising that our kids