Drawing Fruit

 This is a quick simple art project i did with the guys in our Sonshine Sunday school class yesterday.  They are teen/young adult.  The class is designated for developmentally disabled, though i prefer to think of it as a calmer alternative for those who do not wish to participate in the hectic, adrenaline driven kids service.

Beginning with real fruit, i traced the object on plain cardboard.  (Okay, actually, the orange was too far gone for that sort of contact.  i used a Bob the Tomato!)  Here you see the cardboard shapes on orange cardstock.

Next, we cut out the cardboard shapes, traced them on plain paper, and colored solidly in yellow.  Of course, you'd use whatever the lightest main color of the fruit  was.
Or this could be painted or done on construction paper the color of the fruit. eliminating a step.

But fruits are not solid color. Looking at the banana, we also saw brown, black, and purple.

So we added those colors in the places we saw them.

We did similar things with the orange and apple.

If i had realized the short attention spans of the kids, we would have used good paper at this point instead of newsprint!

Then we would have continued to doing it again on better paper.  My mistake - at least for these kids, go straight to the good paper! If we had, then then we might have cut out the fruit and glued it into a nice arrangement on colored paper.
No, our group did not make it to the finished product above!  But they did enjoy drawing the fruit.

Thanks to Laura Tesdahl of TheSketchpad Art Studio and Artistic Designs Framing Gallery for the idea.

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