Words on Wednesday - 4 Things i'm Reading

Slowing down a little, but still reading away --

 - i've reread an old favorite, our book club selection, The Screwtape Letters.
 - i think i can say i'm still enjoying Mornings on Horseback.  But it's somewhat less interesting now that TR's father has died.  i thought i admired the man who was our president, but not nearly as much as his dad.
 - a slim book of Peter Marshall sermons, New and Collected Sermons, formerly Apples of Gold (photo).  i rather think the main reason sermons are considered dry is because of the typesetting style. i read elsewhere that Catherine Marshall, when she tried to get his sermons published after his death, battled the publisher over plain paragraphs or something more like the cadence of his speech.
- and an Agatha Christie novel, or rather novel-like story collection, The Labors of Hercules.  (Surprisingly, it helped on a Jeopardy! question the other night.)

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