Life on the Computer Farm - New Kid on the Block

  As i type on duckpond, there has been a metamorphosis behind me.  The playroom TV is no longer just a TV.
  No, we invested in a  family Wii game.  There's a whole 3 game discs, mainly, so far, played byBoom, though i have to admit it's a lot of fun to crash Flo all over Radiator Springs.
  MyGuy got it set up for us.  i don't think he's taken a turn at the gaming yet.  And the point was a family activity, especially somethng we could do with Max. 
  Max has resolutely refused to have anything to do with it.
  The Wii-world is a whole new thing to me.  Apparently there's a whole online world too, though i'm not sure how much we'll get into that. Boom can set up the Wii store account if he wants one, i guess.  We'll just see if we need one otherwise.
  And see how to get Wii into the position we meant it to be.
  Because like a lot of twenty-somethings, Boom did not need another media outlet all his own.  (Though i'm glad he can enjoy it.)

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