Life on the Computer Farm - The Internet is Back!

haystack monitor & keyboard on desk
toolshed monitor on left, with keyboard on tray
Notice anything strange about this photo?  There are two monitors and two keyboards.  There are also, though you may not see them, two towers and two mice.

the one on the desk, haystack, will go, and the one at the side will move up in the world.  It has already, in a sense, moved up in the world in that formerly it was in our office.
current view of office computer space
no monitor; barn still in place; toolshed moved


Somehow, part of the upgrade involved the computer known as duckpond losing all internet connections.  Considering that i work mainly on duckpond, this has been a challenge, and it took most of the week for me to figure out how to use haystack in the new, temporary configuration.

Testing the Connection

Anyway, today, after working on the problem for two days, MyGuy aka My Hero, told me that duckpond's internet was restored.  i was scanning a couple of scrapbook pages here, and wanted to not spend a lot of time.

So i didn't open mail or do any  other work.  i went to Wikipedia and looked up a "quick" article of a subject of mild interest.

Just to test the connection, ya know?

Yeah, right.

 Chain Reaction

A few years ago, Boom sent me a story about some guy who started doing serious research and ended up looking at pics of a wet Tshirt contest.  i didn't do quite so bad, but really i would have been better off to check the email.

Our own Puppy, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi
i looked  at Malamute, then Siberian Husky, then another double coated dog, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Sled Dogs in general, some quick looks at rarer types of sled dogs, a couple of locations these dogs are from, the original Nome serum run, various people, places, and dogs involved in same, and finally, dog intelligence and a particular book about dog intelligence.

Two hours later i came up for air.

So, the connection is still, and will be intermittent.  That's just how it is.  But it's BACK.  After being gone for the better part of the week, it's good.


  1. Hey...I missed you, wondered what happened. Glad you're back! Funny thing about Wikipedia, isn't it? I get sidetracked all the time!

  2. Hey, thanks for noticing!
    You've been away a bit too haven't you?
    And suppose we agree to think of the Wikipedia wandering as broadening our education?

  3. Yep...been busy with some other projects, but hope to have some stuff up later this week! And yes, Wikipedia has definitely helped my education! (Do they offer a graduate degree in Wikipediaology?)


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