Trivia Tuesday

Many of us have heard of Balto and the Great Serum Run to Nome.  But what do we really know about it?  And how much of what we know is so?

1) What disease was the serum needed for?
2) In what year did it happen?
3) What other means of transportation was considered for the delivery?
4) What was the official death toll?  Should this be considered the total?
5) What annual event memorializes this?
6) Balto was the lead dog on the final leg of the relay.  What was the name of the lead dog on the longest, most dangerous leg of the journey?

You can read the entire, fascinating story in the Wikipedia article, from which i have drawn my answers. Some people don't like Wikipedia, and it does have its limitations as a source.  But how many sources offer an article assessing its own reliability?

Watch this blog Thursday, January 20, for the answers.

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