What's in a Name?

i've been using pseudonyms in this blog.

i explained about how i chose some of them in my post, Confidential or Private?

Some, like Max for our second son, short for Maximum Smile, are working well.

Some, like MyGuy, for my husband, the father of our kids, nearly so.

My friend tells me that i really should not use FB to designate our oldest as Firstborn because so many people think of FB as "Facebook."

Ok. After consultation with our son, he will now become Boom, as in short for Boomerang Kid, the college grad now living reluctantly at home again.i don't guarantee i've caught them all, but i've attempted to change all previous references to FB to Boom, for Boomerang Kid.  That fits because he's a college grad who's lived on his own, now reluctantly living at home again until he can make it independently.

And while i'm at it i think The Perfect Corgi, newly named TPC on this blog, will become Puppy. Much simpler, and it's one of the names i use for her anyway.

Puppy is about love, not age, anyway, so my 11 year old corgi is truly a puppy. (Now where have i heard 11 years old before?????)

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