Life on the Computer Farm: The Dangers of Tea

    You won't be hearing much from me for awhile.  i seem to have left a coaster unevenly balanced.   We'll say it was my fault anyway, though i was nowhere near the accident & didn't know about it for over 24 hours.

What Don't You Understand About That?

  This is a facsimile of a pile of drawings i remember doing as a very young child.

  After drawing a stack maybe an inch high like this, it suddenly struck me,
  "Clouds are white.
Sky is blue.
i'm doing it ALL WRONG!"

  But is it that simple?

Wordless Wednesday - On the Edge

  Cliffhanging Over Whittington Beach Park
Big Island, Hawaii
Here, the highway is right by the edge.

The next photos are "down below," by the abandoned pier.

Disconnecting Facebook

  Ok, i always said i'd never do Facebook, but i did.
  For a few months.
  It wasn't a totally bad experience.  i'd looked at their terms a few times before, and said, eh, i don't think so, then i got this blog, which i wanted to publicize.
  i'm not just telling cute kid stories.  Maybe i'm mistaken, but i rather think i have something to say that needs to get out there.
  So i bit the dust and opened my account.
  i hadn't liked the recent change, March or so, but kept the account anyway.
  Then they decided my chosen email wouldn't do.
  i have 3 email addresses, which is 2 more than i really want.  And the other two were unacceptable also.
  So i closed the book on Facebook.  Totally.
  i apologize to friends i had there.  i enjoyed seeing your postings, and connecting with people i'd lost touch with.
  In a few months i'll probably plug into another social networking site.
  But anyone can use the icons below to share something here if you think it worthwhile.  i would appreciate it, and i thank you!

Summer Day Communicating

  As we left our volunteer session at Gleaners today, Max began inserting the word, "Police," into his usual round to Thomas word "conversation."
  This was alarming.  What had i missed?