A Cold Day, and rare Valerie recipes

  Why was our house this cold today?

MyGuy and i actually planned this.

  The original 50+ year old door had to go, as well as parts of the frame.
The fanlight is the compromise MyGuy and i made.  i wanted a LOT more glass (= light coming in) and he wanted none (= security).  So we have a bit of glass, too high to look through but which still allows light in.

  The entire process took about 4 hours, most of which involved having no front door.
  Max was very disgruntled about the whole affair.  The door should be in place.  He tried wearing a coat for awhile, but wouldn't/couldn't stick it.  i wore mine, and wrapped in a blanket, and was cold, but he was in a tshirt & bare feet right by the door.
  And yes, we did warn him.  It's been on the calendar all month, and the original date was on LAST month's calendar.  Probably could've done better.  There's a lot to be covered in "new front door installed" that "installed" doesn't convey to a childlike mind.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

  We did keep the oven going today, prepping and making a  casserole for tonight, but this was last night's project.
  My father in law loves my chocolate chip cookies, and this is MyGuy's night with his parents.  The cookies had to be ready before morning drivetime.
  For years, i've made more/less traditional Nestle Toll House Cookies, but lately i've made them as bar cookies.  i no longer enjoy popping up & down to do the various cookie sheets in & out of the oven, not to mention cleaning them!

  Valerie's Chocolate Chip Cookies (Nestle Toll House  Variation):

  1. All amounts are from whatever recipe i'm using.  It's been Nestle's for most of my life, because they're the best.
  2. Let margarine and eggs stand as convenient to room temperature.  This ends up being as little as 5 minutes to, um, way too long.
  3. At some point between 2 & 3, start the oven. If you're doing the pan variation, this is as good a time as any to spray/grease the pan. Yes, it's a loosey-goosey procedure.Put margarine in the bowl you'll mix in, then microwave 20-45 seconds, depending on how soft it is already.  i like it very soft; almost runny works but that's really TOO soft.
  4. Add eggs and sugars, then baking soda, followed by vanilla from the same spoon (doesn't work in the other order!)  MY MAJOR VARIATION: NO  SALT WHATSOEVER.
  5. When this is well-mixed, add flour.
  6. When this is well-mixed, add chips.
  7.  When everything is mixed, make your little cookie drops or fill the pan and bake according to directions.

Cold Weather Casserole ("Turketti")

There's actual amounts listed for how much of everything to use.  i go by feel every time.
  •  A certain amount of chicken or turkey, fresh/can/frozen/leftover (cooked)
  • Pasta (cooked).  We use spaghetti, but a friend with whom i shared this prefers egg noodles.
  • Can of cream soup.  We like Golden Mushroom; Cream Cheddar could work if you leave out or like more
  • Additional can water or broth.  i try to get this from the water i've boiled chicken in.
  • Shredded Cheese than we do - and we are huge fans of cheese.  Instructions call for 8oz in and on.
  • Veggies as desired.
The night, or at least 6 hours before planned meal, prepare casserole. (Aforementioned friend says 2 hours works)

When it's time to cook, preheat oven.  My directions say 350F, but i have better results at 375 or 400, for 20 minutes covered, then 5-20 min uncovered, depending on how cheesy you made the top.
This is one of those make it what you like things. 

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