Sarah: Part 3: A strong Woman, Beloved

  She wasn't included.
  There was no way around the crushing news.  Her husband's promise did not include her.
  Well, a Strong Woman can't just sit back.  She's gotta Do Something.

Customs of the Times

  In a society where the husband's primary duty was to the patrimony, the inheritance, the property, with himself secondary and his wife not at all, it was amazing that Abram had not long since taken another wife.
  By law and custom it was Abram's duty to provide himself with an heir if his wife could not.  Yet he remained faithful to Sarai.
  She could understandably feel secure in his ties to her.

Sarai Thinks

  When Sarai realized, after ten years of believing this promise, that there was no child, she did some thinking.
  God had renewed the promise, more forcefully than before.   Strange as it was, Abram was promised by God to be ancestor of great nations.
  And Sarai was nowhere mentioned in it.
  Did she believe at this point?  What she could see clearly was that her husband did. Childless Abram, the father of numberless descendants, but Sarai nowhere mentioned.
 God's promise said nothing about herself being the mother of any great nation
She wasn't included.  As a strong woman she needed to do something about that.
Here, hubby, is the means to your promise's fulfillment. 

And me?

  We're all Strong Women.  
  God is never late, but He's sure never early either.
  And, i want Him to act NOW.

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